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Note: Thank you to Machi Playroom for providing Machi Blocks to review. All opinions are my own.

Over the years I’ve reviewed many bilingual Chinese English products that teach kids Mandarin Chinese. Along the way, the use of technology in toys has grown. There’s still a place for traditional toys, but I also think it’s fine to make space for what technology can offer.

Machi Blocks Stacked
Machi Blocks [Credit: Machi Playroom]
That’s why I love Machi Blocks by Machi Playroom. Founded by first-generation Chinese Americans who wanted to pass down Mandarin to future generations, the company’s mission is to create toys that make learning Mandarin engaging, fun, and accessible. Both low and high tech come together in this bilingual learning toy that teaches kids Mandarin Chinese.

Machi Blocks are traditional wooden blocks with a twist. Parents can download an augmented reality app to enhance learning through audio. The 20-block set includes both English and Chinese translations, pinyin (standardized pronunciation system for Mandarin), and colorful illustrations.

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Machi Blocks colors
Machi Blocks [Credit: Machi Playroom]
The set features the numbers 1 through 10 and the colors of the rainbow. Simply use the app on your mobile phone to hover over the Chinese character or pinyin on the block. A voice speaks in Mandarin Chinese the word that you see on your screen. This is what makes Machi Blocks unique.

View this video below to see how the blocks work with the app.

The high-quality, 1.5″ solid wood blocks are printed with non-toxic inks. They easily fit in small hands and are ideal for kids ages 3+ years. The set includes a canvas carrying bag and instructions on how to download the free Machi mobile app on iOS or Android.

Machi Playroom Canvas Bag
Blocks Canvas Bag [Credit: Bicultural Mama]
My daughter started taking Mandarin Chinese lessons, and I love how these blocks reinforce what she’s learning.  As a parent, I want to be involved with her education, and Machi Blocks makes this doable with the interactive app. The blocks combines audio, visual, and touch sensory through play to teach my daughter the Chinese language. My daughter loves these blocks, and so do I!

Blocks Bicultural Mama
Kids love Machi Blocks [Credit: Bicultural Mama]
Future block sets will include additional categories such as animals and transportation. The mobile app gives users flexibility as they can continually access new content as the app is updated. Download the app on the Apple App Store or access it via Google Play for Android devices.

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Christmas Delivery: To receive the blocks by Christmas, orders must be placed by 12/15/19.

Chinese New Year Delivery: To receive the blocks by Chinese New Year, orders must be placed by 1/15/20.

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