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What NOT to Do Over Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate a fresh start and do everything possible to usher in good luck. The Chinese believe in superstitions about certain things that could squash these fortunes from coming through your front door. Make sure you know what not to do over Chinese New Year if you want to increase your chances of having a prosperous year.

Don’t Order Fish with Its Head and Tail Cut Off
In western countries, cooking a fish with its head and tail still attached is often seen as…barbaric. In China, however, the whole fish is desired as it symbolizesa good beginning and end to a new year. As a bonus, the Chinese character for fish is pronounced similarly to the character for abundance, or extra good luck.

Don’t Sweep the House
For those who hate cleaning, Chinese New Year is the holiday for you. Sweep the house during Chinese New Year and risk sweeping the good luck just accumulated. Wait until the 15 days of this holiday are over before cleaning those floors.

Don’t Talk About Death 
It’s not good luck to talk about dying, death and ghosts. Don’t wear white, the color of death in China. Many also don’t wear black, the Western color of death. Wear red instead, the color of good fortune.

Don’t Buy Shoes
Fashionistas will need to reign in shoe shopping during this time lest they unintentionally encourage a bumpy year. The Cantonese word for “shoes” sounds like the word for “rough.”

Don’t Break Noodle Strands
The long length of noodles represents a long life. Break these noodle strands, and well, you may be shortening your life span.

Don’t Owe Money
This superstition is not necessarily referring to long term investments like school loans or a house mortgage, but more like credit cards, the $20 owed to a friend and so forth. Pay what you owe now because starting the New Year in debt means you’ll finish the year in debt.  

Don’t Eat Squid
Squid in Chinese is called “yow yu” which sounds similar to word “yow,” or “rolling up a blanket” and packing to go home after a worker was fired. If you want to keep your job this year, don’t eat squid during Chinese New Year.

Follow these rules of what not to do over Chinese New Year to ensure good luck comes your way this year!

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