What are Realistic Babysitter Responsibilities? My Article on Care.com

Is it fair to ask your sitter to wash the dishes? Drive the kids around? Help with homework? I explored this topic for Care.com and enlisted the help of Harvard Medical School psychologist Richard Bromfield and Tracey Black from the parenting blog Don’t Mess With Mama,

Article Excerpt
Regarding putting your child’s safety and comfort first:
“…a 15-year old, first-time babysitter may not know how to perform CPR, but a 45-year-old former-nurse should not hesitate. Your expectations may likewise differ if you’re hiring a one-time babysitter for a few hours versus a full-time nanny. It’s realistic to ask that a nanny or long-term sitter be CPR and first-aid certified, but if they’re not and you love the sitter, it’s OK to offer to put them through the classes.”
Find out tips and insights to know what’s fair to expect from a sitter. After all, they’re watching our most precious gifts.

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