Want an Eco-Friendly Home? You’re Not Alone [Infographic]

I strive to live a green lifestyle – it’s still a work in progress, but with persistence it’ll eventually become an even larger part of our life. One thing I would love would be an eco-friendly house. Looks like I’m not alone.
With Green Month (and Earth Day) fast approaching, realtor.comconducted a survey to discover how eco-friendly housing is catching on with consumers. Turns out, more than 80% of respondents would like to own a residence that is eco-friendly, and nearly 70% would pay more money for it.
  • Of the 31% of respondents that currently live in an eco-friendly home, 66% have children.
  • Of the more than 80% of respondents who would like to own an eco-friendly residence, nearly 65% have children.
  • Energy-efficient appliances, lighting and air conditioning were among the most desired eco-friendly home features – nearly 80% of respondents want all three.
  • Nearly 40% of respondents are willing to give up square footage for an eco-friendly residence while 75% would sacrifice a pool and 74% a game room.
Read the infographic below for more interesting stats. Would you be willing to pay more money to live in an eco-friendly home?
For more information about green living as it pertains to the housing market, check out the latest Field Guide to Green Homes & Green Mortgages from the National Association of Realtors.

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