20 Tips for Traveling with Toddlers and Preschoolers: My Post on Storia

In my latest post on Storia, a new social publishing platform, I provide tips on traveling with toddlers and preschoolers. These are insights I’ve gained over the years from traveling with my two kids. It’s not easy traveling with young children, but there are ways for parents and caretakers to prep to make things go smoother.

Young children travelingSome excerpts from my post:

On Packing – “Only pack what you can carry. Assume at some point you will be holding a tired child who refuses to sit in the stroller. Even with older children, you don’t want to struggle with bags while trying to keep an eye on them.”

On Schedules –  “If your child takes naps, time your travel accordingly. For example, if your child easily falls asleep in the car, then time a car ride during nap time. If your child never falls asleep on planes, then consider flying before or after nap time.”

On Food – “Go to restaurants during non-peak times, such as before the lunch and dinner rush. An earlier time means less crowds and waits as well as a decreased chance your kids will disturb others.”

On Activities – “Have a new toy or book ready for when all else fails. The newness of the items will keep kids interested.”

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Happy Travels!

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