4 Tips for a Safer Road Trip with Young Children

If your next holiday is going to be a family road trip, then get ready for some serious bonding which every family needs. Road trips are fun and create wonderful memories for when your children grow up. But of course, road trips are also long. You always need to be safe when driving with children, but even more so when it is a long trip.

So buckle up, because it is time to learn about 4 top tips to protect your little ones while on the road.

No Munchies in a Moving Vehicle

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, choking is the number one cause of injury or death for children three years and younger. This is crucial if you are not able to see the kids clearly in the back seat from where you’re seated in the front. 

Choking can happen in seconds. If there is an accident and the child is eating a snack, the impact could cause the food to get lodged in the child’s throat. Some snack foods can cause choking more than others, such as popcorn, whole grapes, and nuts, among others. Instead, park the car in an authorized area, enjoy a scenic view, and get some rest while the kids enjoy their munchies.

Use a Car Seat

All states have child seat laws, but the laws may differ from state to state. A map provided by the Institute of Highway Safety shows you the laws that apply to your state as well as the states you might be driving through. You do not have to purchase the most expensive car seat, but you can read reviews and purchase one at the best convertible car seat HQ.

Keep in mind the age, weight, and height of the child and make sure that the seat meets standard safety regulations. Car seats should be in the middle of the back seat because that is the safest spot in a vehicle. When a child is 4 feet 9 inches or eight years old, they can use a booster seat. Though it may be tempting to just have them wear a regular seat belt, they may still be too small for it. An improper seat belt fit can actually do more harm than good. Belts positioned incorrectly on the child’s body during the impact in an accident can cause head injuries such as concussions and skull fractures as well as internal bleeding.

Always Sit in the Back Seat

No matter what kind of vehicle you will be driving, never allow young children to sit in the front seat. You may think that having an airbag is protection, but in fact, airbags can injure or kill young kids because their bodies can’t take the force when an airbag is deployed.

Prepare the Car

Do not forget to have a major check on your car before the trip. Brakes, oil, lights, tire pressure, spare tire, windshield wipers, and everything else needs to be functioning well. Neglecting maintenance is a contributing factor to accidents. Don’t forget to fill up the gas tank at the start of the trip.

Are we there yet?

You are undoubtedly going to hear that question dozens of times, so be ready! Take it in stride. If you’re a second adult passenger, consider getting into the backseat during parts of the road trip to keep children occupied. Enjoy the road, sing some songs, and play games together that you usually might not have time for. Most of all, stay safe.


Tips contributed by Allen Brown

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