Save Money with a Timeshare on Your Next Disney Vacation

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The magic of Disney has captivated families for generations. Whether through timeless classics such as Cinderella and Snow White or the latest updated releases of Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney has created unforgettable memories for millions of children over the years. But with those experiences come the requisite need to embrace those Disney characters in person …. with a trip to Disney World.

As anyone planning a family vacation knows, trips to Disney World don’t come cheap. Especially since these trips cover a multitude of days over multiple theme parks, racking up bills into the thousands of dollars for larger families. But one way families can save money on accommodations is through an extension of Disney called the Disney Vacation Club, otherwise known as DVC.

What is DVC?

Disney Vacation Club is the timeshare arm of the Disney empire, with resorts in the expected destinations of Orlando and Anaheim to co-exist with the Disney World and Disneyland theme parks. What many people don’t know is that DVC also has resorts in Hawaii, Hilton Head Island, SC and Vero Beach, FL in addition to those adjacent to the parks. But most vacationers seek DVC resorts as a way to enhance their trips to those legendary parks.

DVC has invested heavily in these resorts to provide unique experiences for those staying in these accommodations. For instance, one of Disney World’s original resorts dating back to the park’s opening in 1971, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, recently completed renovations which included new bungalow villas that sit over the waters of the Seven Seas Lagoon and feature private plunge pools. New timeshare units were also added to new “longhouses” of Tokelau, Moorea and Pago Pago to continue the South Pacific themes that have been associated with this resort for nearly 50 years.

Larger Accommodations for Families

If the Polynesian theme isn’t quite your style, how about staying in the other original Disney World resort, the Contemporary, which now has timeshare units in the resort’s Bay Lake Tower. Not only do these units feature all the modern conveniences, you have a choice of 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom units which can sleep up to 12 people.

The larger size of these units is the real benefit for families that crave comfort, space, and privacy while on vacation. Let’s face it, walking the parks all day can be a test of endurance, so the last thing you want is to have everyone pile on the bed for pizza in a cramped hotel room. These DVC units come with living rooms, separate dining areas, kitchens and multiple bathrooms – so no waiting in line when you’ve got to go!

What About Those Savings?

So here’s where the savings come in. Kitchens mean that you can prepare some of your own meals so you don’t have to take everyone out for every meal – at Disney prices. And with the larger units, you don’t have to book additional hotel rooms for the kids to create privacy for you and your spouse. Because DVC timeshares are individually owned, you can rent the use of a unit from an existing owner and negotiate your own deal to save money over the retail rates of those units.

For families who want to make repeat trips to Disney parks, DVC resales are the way to save even more money. Because those owners are looking to sell their timeshares on occasion, families can save a substantial amount of money by buying a DVC timeshare on the resale market rather than buying through the resorts. Disney bakes in sales and marketing costs and commissions into their retail prices, sometimes as much as 50% of the cost, which is money families can save through buying DVC resales from an existing owner.

Interested in larger units – more like fully equipped vacation condos – on Disney property which can save you money on a Disney vacation? Check out Disney Vacation Club.


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