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Things to Do in Shanghai for Expats During Chinese New Year Holiday

Things to Do in Shanghai for Expats over Chinese New Year Holiday

Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday in China, and there’s a mass migration of millions who travel to visit friends and family during the 15-day long holiday. What do you do if you’re an expat in Shanghai and not traveling during this period? My sister, Teresa Kuo, recently appeared on the International Channel Shanghai (ICS) to speak about things to do in Shanghai for expats over the Chinese New Year holiday. She is an expat living there and is also Editor at the Community Center of Shanghai – an organization providing resources for expats.

Though my sister was given short notice to appear as a guest on the channel’s “Shanghai Live” show, I think she did a great job providing expert advice. From recommending the best times to visit tourist sites to things to do on a staycation, the tips were very useful.

One thing to note – there will be NO fireworks this year per government ruling due to air quality and and fire concerns. This is a big deal, because fireworks are typically a key element to celebrating the holiday. They’re believed to scare away evil spirits for the new year. Plus they’re also fun and beautiful to watch (just like they are anywhere else in the world when celebrating the New Year).

Things to Do in Shanghai for Expats over Chinese New Year Holiday

Check out the video below to view the segment. Many of the tips are also useful for general travel while in Shanghai. Happy Chinese New Year!

VIDEO: International Channel Shanghai – Things to Do in Shanghai for Expats during Chinese New Year


Photos and video courtesy of Teresa Kuo and ICS.


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  1. What great information. I was in Shanghai in 2002, it’s a lovely city to visit. Happy Chinese New Year!

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