Summer Camp 2021: Things Parents Should Consider

Are you thinking about sending your kids to summer camp this year? If so, you’re not alone. Summer camps provide your children with the opportunity to socialize with their peers, experience nature, and learn new things. All of these are necessary during these uncertain times. While it might be a great reprieve for your kids, the continuance of the global pandemic likely causes you to hesitate. Since their health and safety come first, chances are you may have a few questions and concerns. 

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Summer Camp Costs

Depending on where you live and the type of summer camp you wish to enroll your kids in, the costs could be high. Day camps can cost as much as $200-$800 a week, while overnight camps are between $600-$2,000 a week. As many parents have taken a financial hit during the pandemic, affordability may be an issue. 

There are government and private financial assistance programs for parents with low income. You could receive a stipend to cover all or a portion of summer camp expenses. You’ll need to apply early if you want to take advantage of these opportunities. If you don’t have the means to pay for the deposit in advance, you could always use no credit check loans to foot the bill. Then, you can repay the balance with interest in full in smaller installments. 

Are Summer Camps Safe? 

How safe is it to send your child to summer camp? This question has several answers. For starters, people are starting to receive the COVID-19 vaccines. The general public may have access to the vaccines by the summer of 2021. If that happens, counselors and campers can get the protection they need making summer camp a lot safer. 

Whether vaccines are available by the summer or not, other factors determine a summer camp’s safety level. The CDC has health and safety guidelines that camp directors and staff are expected to follow. The camps will need to do several things to keep campers safe. These include everything from reducing the hours of operation and limiting enrollees to regular sanitizing and PPE. Don’t be afraid to review websites or inquire with camp staff about their policies amid the pandemic. 

Are Your Kids Prepared? 

While some students returned to the classroom this year, others continued distance or hybrid learning. As such, some children have been home for almost a year now. Although they may be excited about the idea of hanging out with friends and enjoying some summer fun, you have to consider their preparedness. Are your kids prepared for summer camp? Do they know how proper handwashing hygiene, have they practiced social distancing, are they comfortable wearing a mask? 

For the past several months, your kids may have been living in a bubble. As such, they may need some assistance adjusting to the new normal. If you plan on sending your kids to summer camp this year, now is the time to begin teaching them health and safety practices. This is especially true for parents with small children who may have a more challenging time breaking old habits. 

Ensure that they’re washing their hands regularly and using hand sanitizer when water and soap are not available. Allow them to get outdoors more often to enhance their immune system. Show them how to remain socially distant, and let them practice wearing a mask for several hours each day. If your children get sick easily or suffer from adverse health conditions (asthma, diabetes, etc.), you may want to consider holding off until the summer of 2022.

Sending kids to camp for the summer used to be a no-brainer. It was an opportunity for kids to enjoy their break from school and socialize with their peers as they learn and explore new things. Unfortunately, the global health crisis has made this decision a bit more challenging. Parents are encouraged to prioritize their children’s health and safety as they evaluate whether summer camp is ideal for their family by using factors like those listed above. 

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