Ignoring These Strange European Road Signs Could Have Huge Penalties

Traveling to other countries is a great way to explore new and different cultures. Before you go, make sure you do your research, especially if you’re planning to drive in countries you may be unfamiliar with.

Vacationers planning to drive across Europe should be warned that failure to comply with unusual road signs could lead to life-changing penalties. Car rental experts at StressFreeCarRental.com have identified 13 strange road signs in Europe likely to be unknown to foreigners that could land even the most experienced motorists in trouble with the law.

Although road safety and traffic rules differ within Europe, motorists can expect a fine, points on their license, and even a driving license suspension for being unaware of some signs. Offenses committed by foreign drivers can result in huge fines, and law enforcement may send them back to their home countries if caught breaking road rules. Violators may also be subject to legal action for multiple traffic violations, potentially leading to an unrestricted fine or imprisonment.

John Charnock, CEO of StressFreeCarRental.com said, “From no trumpet signs to polar bear warnings, drivers should familiarise themselves with even the strangest looking European road signs to ensure safety and avoid any danger. The driving laws are different in each country, which means drivers may face harsher penalties from one place to the next. Although these road signs may seem confusing, they are there to increase safety, so it’s essential to understand them and abide by driving laws abroad.”

13 Unusual European Road Signs that May Catch Drivers by Surprise


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`No Vehicles Carrying Explosives (France)

This sign was designed to warn vehicles carrying dangerous loads not to enter, so steer clear or expect explosive consequences.


Strange European Road Signs Moose

Moose Warning (Norway)

Believe it or not, car and moose collisions are common in Norway and can be extremely serious because of the huge size of these mammals. These signs indicate where it is common for Moose to be, so drivers should proceed with caution.


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No Use of Car Horns (Spain)

Put your trumpets back in their cases. This sign means no honking.


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Migrating Amphibian Warning (Germany)

To protect the frogs of Germany, make sure to reduce speed, keep an eye on the road, and consider alternative routes.


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Danger of an Accident (Norway)

This warning sign is there to tell road users that there is a risk of an accident on the road. Drivers should pay attention or they may find themselves in danger.


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 End of Snow Chains; Snow Chains Mandatory (Slovenia)

Vacationers unfamiliar with cooler weather may be stumped by this one. Some countries have zones where snow chains are compulsory as they dig into frozen surfaces and prevent vehicles from skidding. The sign with the red slash through it means snow chains are not mandatory.


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No Hand Carts/Wheelbarrows (Czech Republic)

This sign means that no wheelbarrows or hand carts are allowed to pass, which is bad news for construction workers and gardeners.


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Risk of Fire (Slovenia)

The wildfire hazard is classified as high in Slovenia, so drivers should stay alert. If they come across this sign they should proceed with caution.


Strange European Road Signs Polar Bears

Polar Bears Traverse or Travel on Ice (Norway)

We suggest you make a U-turn if you come across this sign…


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No Vehicles Carrying Dangerous Water Pollutants (Italy)

If traveling around Italy, drivers may come across this strange sign. It means vehicles transporting water pollutants are prohibited, so motorists should take note if this happens to apply to them.


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No Urinating (Germany)

Drivers desperate for a bathroom are out of luck if they see this sign on a road trip through Germany.


A yellow diamond on a black backgroundDescription automatically generated with medium confidence

Priority Road Starts (Spain)

In most parts of Europe, if you’re traveling on a road and see this yellow diamond, it indicates the start of a priority road. It also means that you’ll have the right of way over oncoming and crossing traffic.


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No Motor Vehicles and Animal-Drawn Vehicles (Serbia)

There’s a lot going on in this sign which could lead to confusion. It simply means no entry for driven vehicles or animal-drawn vehicles.

In Conclusion

Motoring experts have warned vacationers to do their research before they set off around Europe as laws on foreigners tighten. As such, tourists should make sure they’re aware of these often unknown and unusual European road signs. Otherwise, they could receive hefty fines.

Image Credits: Wikimedia

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