“Rose the Cat-Dog” Picture Book

 Note: Thank you to the author of Rose the Cat-Dog for providing a book sample. All opinions are my own.

Rose the Cat Dog Cover

For many people, pets are beloved members of the family. Pets have unique personalities, just like humans.

I once had a cat who acted like a dog. She’d fetch balls and wait by the door for me to come home. We even went on walks together with me pushing a cat stroller. My cat brought me joy, and I loved her dearly.

The new picture book, Rose the Cat-Dog, reminds me of my cat — except, in this case, it’s about a dog who acts like a cat. Written by Todd Albert and Illustrated by Sirma Karaguiozova, the book is based on real-life events. The story features an adorable, tiny, and timid dog named Rose.

Examples of things Rose does that reflect cat-like behavior include:

She keeps to herself.
She does not play fetch.
She most certainly does not like going for walks.

With each example, the illustrator includes a checked box that not only provides visual prompts for the reader but also adds humor.

Why does Rose act like a cat? The story reveals that prior to being rescued by a shelter, Rose lived in an unstable and unsafe home. Here, keeping quiet and careful were ways to survive. Even though Rose was no longer living at this place, she still kept these same behaviors.

Rose the Cat Dog Bicultural Mama

The couple who adopts Rose provides a loving and stable home. When they’re expecting their first child, Rose decides to act like a “real” dog to love, protect, and play with the new baby to come. In real life, the author states that Rose did get more active, protective, interested, present, and dog-like when the baby came along.

Colorful and expressive illustrations capture key moments from the story and feature the author’s actual multicultural family.

Rose the Cat-Dog is more than just a story about a dog who acts like a cat. It’s also about the love between members of a family, including furry ones, as well as the value of embracing your uniqueness.

Rose the Cat-Dog is ideal for readers in grades K-4. Find the book on Amazon (paperback, Kindle).

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About the Author

Todd Albert is a family man, self-taught beard and camping enthusiast (no one from Brooklyn had beards or went camping in the 80s!), and Pacific Northwest transplant whose life was deeply affected by the adoption of a unique rescue dog named Rose. Follow along with Rose and her family’s adventures on Instagram @rosethecatdog.

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