NY Metro Parents Magazine Selects Bicultural Mama as One of the Best Parenting Blogs

Like many bloggers, I devote a lot of time and effort to creating and updating my blog. Whether devoting time to my blog or to freelance writing assignments, writing can only take place when my toddler naps (becoming rarer these days) or after 9 pm when she is sound asleep. This means many late nights working until midnight, even 1 am, six to seven days a week (my daughter wakes up at 6 am and makes sure we’re all awake, too). It makes for a very tired mommy.


I found out today that NY Metro Parents Magazine had selected Bicultural Mama as one of the best parenting blogs in the blogosphere. I am so honored and happy that the hard work is paying off. NY Metro Parents wrote a nice review of Bicultural Mama, and I can tell from the write-up that they really looked at the content. As a fellow writer, I can really appreciate this.



For the record, although my writing schedule can be tiring, I wouldn’t trade it. It has allowed me to spend more time with my daughter versus the 1 hour a day when I had worked an office job. Plus on days like this when my work is recognized, I truly am thankful for my career change!


 Image: NY Metro Parent

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