Newsday LI Parents Facebook Group Launches

I’m a member of several local parenting Facebook groups. Some are reseller-based where parents sell old baby gear and clothes. Others are a place for any type of discussion topic. While I find these groups useful for specific purposes, sometimes there are aspects I don’t enjoy. For example, sometimes parents get catty and make judgmental comments. It’s okay to have different opinions and parenting styles, but it’s not okay to bully others because you don’t agree with their opinions. It’s possible to have respectful discourse in a constructive way.

That’s why I’m excited to be a founding member of Newsday’s new Facebook group called LI Parents: It Takes an Island. In collaboration with Newsday and other bloggers and influencers, we’re striving to make this group a safe space for parents with children of all ages. Newsday launched this Facebook group to “build a community of moms and dads, and provide a place for constructive dialogue about family life on Long Island. Some say it takes a village to raise a child — but we think it takes an island.”

Newsday LI Parents
Several founding members of the “LI Parents: It Takes an Island” Facebook group gather at Newsday’s headquarters. [Photo credit: Newsday]
The group’s admins and moderators are serious about making this a safe space. Newsday made the group closed for privacy, but beyond that, members must follow group guidelines. Some examples include no personal attacks or profanity, no advertising or spam, and so forth. Read the full list of guidelines HERE.

To join the group, you need to be a parent living on Long Island and have a Facebook account. Go to www.facebook.com/groups/LIparents to join.

We encourage healthy conversations and look forward to hearing about your parenting experiences and opinions!



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