Top 5 New York Attractions For Planning a Kid-Friendly Family Reunion

When it comes to planning a family reunion, there are so many things to consider. You have to plan, organize, and coordinate. The key to success is doing these things far enough in advance to make sure everyone will be able to enjoy it.

Ultimately, the goal of family reunions is to catch up with family you haven’t seen in years or longer, create new memories, and rekindle old ones. With the advancements in technology today, we’re able to keep up with distant family members through email and social media accounts. But what about the family members that don’t have access to that, or have no clue how to use it? You, of course, can always call them, but there’s nothing like seeing them in person.

statue of liberty new york family reunion

One of the major aspects of planning a successful family reunion is making sure a location is picked that will accommodate a wide range of ages. You may need to accommodate a lot of kids… from small kids to teenagers. If you’re next on the family tree to plan your family’s next reunion, then you should consider New York.

New York has attractions for all ages, but especially for kids and teenagers. As this is a family reunion, you’ll want everyone to take in all that New York has to offer together. To make your planning go a little easier, leave the worry of transportation to someone else by letting your family enjoy New York with conveniences like TVs and even bathrooms.

Now that you have the transportation taken care of, it’s time to for the fun part of the planning process – the attractions! Take a look at the top kid-friendly attractions in New York for your next family reunion.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

If you can, try to imagine everyone’s favorite board game Candyland in real life. This particular candy shop has candy patterns all over the walls and on the stairs. There’s even a giant lollipop tree in the center of the store. It has been said that Dylan’s Candy Bar holds over 7,000 pieces of candy. That’s more than enough to satisfy the cravings of kids and adults alike!

Your family will be able to grab a bag and choose from dozens of bins of candy. You pay by the weight. You also have the option of making selections of boxed treats as well. While there, you can also pick out souvenirs such as personalized mugs, pillows, and other candy-themed souvenirs.

Bronx Zoo

Being home to 4,000 animals, the Bronx Zoo is the largest city zoo in America. Adults and kids will be able to enjoy the various animal species in open and natural settings. One of the popular attractions of the zoo is Tiger Mountain and the Congo Gorilla Forest. Here visitors can get an up-close look and nature’s majestic animals.

The Bronx zoo also has a children’s zoo within the zoo! The little ones in attendance can indulge themselves in camel rides, climb a bird’s nest, feed animals, and ride the bug carousel as much as their little hearts can stand it!

Statue of Liberty

Imagine the looks on the kid’s faces when they are able to see the Statue of Liberty in person! It will certainly be a look of amazement since a lot of us have only seen Lady Liberty in our textbooks and in movies. To see it in person will be a historic moment for the entire family!

Your family will enjoy a boat ride up to the statue, climb up the torch, and take tons of pictures of the gorgeous views. The Statue of Liberty is definitely one of New York’s cultural treasures your kids will cherish for a lifetime.

Coney Island

coney island

Your entire family will be able to enjoy the rides, the famous hot dogs, and the cool breeze of the two and a half mile boardwalk known as Coney Island. This boardwalk of fun hosts the legendary 1927 Cyclone roller coaster, along with the 1918 Wonder Wheel. Let your family travel through time experiencing all the fun of old New York mixed with a little bit present-day fun!

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Teenagers can be pretty hard to please, but for some reason, they LOVE Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Maybe it’s because they can take an infinite amount of photos with some of their favorite celebrities, historical figures, and famous New York natives. The resemblance to the actual celebrities is impeccable.

Some of the popular figurines among teens include famous superhero Spider-Man, actress Marilyn Monroe, pop star Rihanna, and former New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony. So when planning your New York family reunion, don’t forget to include this star-studded museum… it’s one your entire family will never forget!


Tips contributed by Sarah Saker
Photos: Pixabay




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