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Music Book Encourages Literacy and Bonding with Baby – #CantaleaTuBebe #SingtoYourBaby

Disclosure: I received a copy of Cantale Tu Bebe / Sing to Your Baby to review. All opinions are my own.

Did you know that singing to babies enhances learning? NPR research found that the more words babies heard during their infancy and developmental years, the more likely they were able to handle the rigors of school later in life. Singing to baby can also help parents bond with their children right away. A parent’s soothing voice can build love and trust with his or her baby.

That’s why a few years back, Grammy winners Cathy & Marcy released an award-winning “Sing to Your Baby” book with music that reasonated with parents and early childhood educators globally. On September 15, Cathy & Marcy’s Community Music label will release a Spanish edition of “Sing to Your Baby” called “Cántale A Tu Bebé.” Early childhood educators attest that language learning in babies begins right away. For parents who want to raise their children bilingually right from the start, this book can help.

In fact, the Celtino Foundation and schools in Honduras are using “Cántale A Tu Bebé” and “Sing To Your Baby” to help families learn English and bond with their babies. In the United States, libraries and early childhood centers are first in line to receive the new Spanish edition to promote pre-literacy skills in their communities.

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All of the songs are sung in Spanish and performed by native speakers (Dan Zanes band member) Sonia De Los Santos and (DC-based teaching artist) Jorge Anaya. Caregivers and their babies will enjoy the singers’ soothing and warm voices to sing along with. The book encourages parent-child interaction though singing and playing. The beautifully-illustrated book includes a link for a digital download for those who purchase the picture book.

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Cántale A Tu Bebé includes 11 tracks sung in two keys (22 total). One set of tracks is sung in a higher voice (para mamá) and the other set is in a lower voice (para papá).

Para mamá:
1. Amor Es Lo Que Siento por Ti
2. Mecer a Mi Bebé
3. Despierta
4. Barquito
5. Tarara
6. Te Amo
7. Uno, Dos, Tres
8. ¡Cómo Se Ríe Mi Bebé!
9. Mi Pequeñito
10. ¡Adiós, Adiós!
11. Donde Tú Estés, Ahí Estaré

Para papá:
12. Amor Es Lo Que Siento Por Ti
13. Mecer A Mi Bebé
14. Despierta
15. Barquito
16. Tarara
17. Te Amo
18. Uno, Dos, Tres
19. ¡Cómo Se Ríe Mi Bebé!
20. Mi Pequeñito
21. ¡Adiós, Adiós!
22. Donde Tú Estés, Ahí Estaré

“Cántale A Tu Bebé” (releases September 15) and “Sing To Your Baby” are both available online, through libraries, and retail via distributor Baker & Taylor. Preorder “Cántale A Tu Bebé” at www.cathymarcy.com/cantale-a-tu-bebe. To purchase only the “Cántale A Tu Bebé” songs (without the book), please visit iTunes here.

Singing to Your Baby / Cantale a Tu Bebe
Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer, Sonia De Los Santos, and Jorge Anaya

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  1. I sing nursery rhymes before bedtime. I time it is important because they sleep more calm and a stronger bond is created between the child and parent

  2. I’ve made up songs to sing to my daughter since she was an infant. Now she sings along with me while we snuggle in the mornings. This sounds beautiful

  3. This looks great! I always sing nursery rhymes with my baby – now that she’s getting older she loves to do the hand motions with me!

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