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Disclosure: I received a sample of the mifold booster seat to assess. All opinions are my own.

Travel Challenges with Car Seats

Traveling with little ones can prove challenging, especially when it comes to car seats. We’ve tried traveling with a car seat at the airport. Carrying a heavy car seat along with luggage and kids was stressful. Upon arrival at our destination, it was pretty much guaranteed the car seat would end up scuffed and dirty. On another trip, we tried renting a car seat. The obvious negative was the daily fee. But on top of that, it was tough installing an unfamiliar car seat. The car seat also showed stains which made us question its sanitary condition.

What’s the Solution? 

Baby gear has come a LONG way since I had my first child. The improvements to baby gear in the last few years have been impressive. Traditional booster seats were bulky and raised the child up in the seat in order to correctly position the belt. For bigger kids, these chunky booster seats still seemed like “baby seats” that they didn’t want their friends to see them in.

An innovative new solution is mifold® the Grab-and-Go Booster. This super-compact car booster seat fits into a purse, backpack, or even a back pocket. Though it’s 10x smaller than traditional booster seats, it’s just as safe. The mifold booster fits three across, so it’s perfect for larger families or when carpooling with friends.

The mifold booster works differently than standard booster seats. Instead of boosting the child up to meet the belt, it pulls the belt down to your child which makes it safer than traditional boosters. Two red lap belt guides hold the lap belt accurately on the hip bones. This is important because if the lap belt incorrectly fell over the child’s stomach, then in a car accident the child could incur internal injuries. The shoulder strap and red clip align the chest strap with the child’s shoulder which accurately avoids the neck area.

Safety and Comfort

The mifold booster is made with tough plastic polymers and aircraft grade Aluminum. It meets and exceeds safety regulations worldwide. It’s designed to conform to EU regulations R44.4 and to exceed US regulations FMVSS 213 in line with IIHS Booster Belt Fit Rating and the Safety Belt Safe booster use guidelines. Please note this booster seat is for use in cars only, not on airplanes.

The comfortable mifold booster uses supportive DenseFoam with unique FrictionFabric to prevents slipping. It also stays cool on hot days. Bigger kids like my daughter say it doesn’t feel like they’re in a “baby seat” anymore, and they can be just like the grownups now. The booster seat is for kids ages 4 years+.

Ease of Use

Portable and compact, parents can install the mifold booster in seconds. Simply unfold the seat, adjust the lap belt guides to fit the size of the child. Put the shoulder belt through the Quick-Clip. The Quick-Clip allows quick, easy, and accurate adjustment of children of all sizes with just one hand.



Where to Find mifold

mifold booster seatThe mifold booster is available in a range of colors. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $44.99. Find the mifold booster on Amazon. For more information, please visit www.mifold.com.



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