“Meet Maria Wen Adcock” Interview About Resilience in Bold Journey Magazine

Curious George & Book Maria Wen Adcock Bold Journey
Photo Credit: Maria Wen Adcock

In all areas of life, resilience is required to carry on when roadblocks get in your way. Authors will tell you how much this trait is needed in the often long journey to publish a book. Bold Journey, an online magazine, interviewed me about resilience and more regarding becoming a children’s book author.

Bold Journey has a mission “to create a space for all of us to learn from each other.  We believe the stories, experiences, and insights of our neighbors, friends, and peers are worth more than all the wealth in the world as these stories are the most relevant and authentic sources of wisdom.”

Photo credit: Maria Wen Adcock

Interview questions included topics such as:

  • Introducing myself and what I was working on.
  • Where do I get my resilience from?
  • Three qualities that are the most important to develop.

To read the full interview “Meet Maria Wen Adcock,” just CLICK HERE to be brought to the Bold Journey website. Hope you enjoy the interview!

Photo credit: Maria Wen Adcock

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