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“Marching for Change” and “Racial Justice in America” Children’s Books

Note: Thank you to SBP Learning for providing copies to review. All opinions are my own.

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As parents, we always tell our kids that they should stand up when kids are bullying others and that kindness matters. These are basic, positive human traits that we strive to instill in our children. But as we’ve seen in history, adults don’t always uphold these traits, and conflicts arise.

While we can’t always control what others do, we can empower our children. We can educate them in age-appropriate ways about matters taking place in their world. Even if we or someone we know are not directly impacted by injustices taking place, we can still have empathy and support our fellow humans.

Another thing to consider is that children who are directly affected don’t have a choice to ignore these matters. So by helping all children understand these conflicts, we can encourage them to be agents of change to help others, whether now or in the future…in big or small ways.

Two newly-released high-quality nonfiction children’s books by SBP Learning addresses these topics. The books provide comprehensive coverage of critical conversations surrounding racial and social justice in America. With topics ranging from anti-racism to the 2017 Women’s March, the publisher created these books in collaboration with experts, educators, and historians to bring readers authentic, age-appropriate content.

Read on to learn more about these important books, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this page for a chance to win a copy of your own!

Marching for Change: Movements Across America

By Joyce Markovics

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Throughout the history of the United States, millions of Americans have marched and spoken out against injustice. They’ve brought awareness about inequality and are demanding accountability and change for themselves and others.

This book covers some of the most famous marches in U.S. history. These include the 1963 March on Washington, 2017 Women’s March, and 2020 Black Lives Matter Marches. Though the marches spanned over decades, they all had one message in common: equality and justice for all. By looking at history, young readers can learn how others have stood up for the things they believe in. They can also see how they, too, can be change-makers.

Marching for Change: Movements Across America is ideal for kids in grade levels 2-4. Purchase it via SleepingBearPress.com or on Amazon (hardcover and Kindle).

Racial Justice in America: Topics for Change

By Hedreich Nichols, Leigh Ann Erickson, and Kelisa Wing

Racial Justice in America Cover

Racial Justice in America: Topics for Change explores current questions in the United States surrounding race in comprehensive, honest, and age-appropriate ways. It discusses key racial justice events in history and gives suggestions on how kids can help.

For example, the section about anti-racism points out that not everyone who wants to fight racism goes out to protest. Some people find other ways to be anti-racist. They can stand up for peers at school who are being racially-bullied or form a club at school that supports anti-racism.

The publisher developed this book in conjunction with educator, advocate, and author Kelisa Wing to reach children of all races and encourage them to approach race issues with open eyes and minds.

Racial Justice in America: Topics for Change is ideal for kids in grade levels 5-8. Purchase it via SleepingBearPress.com or on Amazon (hardcover and Kindle).

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