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We’re gearing up to go back to school, so we’re shopping for supplies that my kids’ schools have requested. In addition, we’re looking to get other items that can make our lives safer and more fun. We’ve recently discover some really cool health, learning, and play items for kids and wanted to share them with you.

Funkins Lunch Bag, Reusable Cloth Napkins & Placemats, and Family Face Masks

Funkins Lunch Bags

When I was growing up, the only lunch storage options were flimsy brown paper bags and metal lunch boxes. Today, bringing lunch to school is so much more fun and fashionable. Award-winning Funkins insulated lunch bags are both functional and stylish.

Designed by moms and tested by kids and teachers, Funkins bags are super roomy. This means you can pack those sandwiches, bento boxes, juice pouches, fruit, and a lot more without worrying things will get squished. An easy-to-open and shut zipper secures food so nothing spills out, and soft handles are comfortable for little hands. These ultra-durable bags are also machine washable – a big plus to clean spills that inevitably happen!

Funkins Reusable Cloth Napkins & Placemats

We’re always looking for ways to be green, so we were thrilled to discover Funkins reusable cloth napkins and placemats for kids. These eco-friendly, 2-ply, reversible cloth napkins and placemats are made from 100% pure cotton. When they’re dirty, just throw them in the washer. These durable napkins can withstand washes over and over.

The napkins are sized smaller for little hands and faces (12″ x 12″). They include sewn-in labels to write your child’s name. The placemats (15″ x 13″) are ideal for bringing along to public places to keep lunches safe from germy tables. They’re also great for home use to catch spills and crumbs.

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Funkins Family Face Masks

Back to school this year looks different in our school district. Masks are required on buses and in classes. We’ve all seen those blue disposable surgery masks. For some kids, these itch their faces and the fit isn’t always great. Plus they’re not exactly exciting in the design department. With Funkins, we now have the option of wearing soft, comfortable, secure-fitting masks with bright and cheerful patterns.

Funkins reusable woven cotton fabric face masks are available in sizes for both kids and adults. One of the features I love the most are the adjustable ear loops. So many times I’ve struggled with masks that don’t fit right ,and the elastic falls off over my ears. The adjustable loops on Funkins masks solves this problem. Some Funkins designs also include a nose-bridge wire for a better fit. Note: These masks are NON-MEDICAL grade, for personal use, and not for use in a medical setting.

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Lunch Notes from Me! Series Tear-Off Lunch Notes Books From MyWish4U

Last school year I put handwritten notes in my kids’ lunch bags with messages like “I love you!” and “Have a great day!” But after a while, the message became repetitive. Plus, my older daughter started to get embarrassed by mom’s notes. That’s why I’m glad that this school year I have three books of tear-off notes from the MyWish4U Lunch Notes from Me! series. They come in 101 colorful, single-side printed 4” x 4”notes that I can slip into my kids’ lunch bags.

Lunch Notes Back to School

Fun Tear-Off Notes:
1. “Cool Facts & Jokes” – Includes super interesting facts and funny jokes.
2. “Riddles & Giggles” – Features clever, funny, easy to understand riddles and jokes.
3. “Wacky Facts & Laughs” – Contains wild and fascinating facts to learn about our world and funny jokes to make them laugh.

Lunch Notes Bicultural Mama

The notes are blank on the backside so I can still write my own messages on the back. Using these notes is a thoughtful and easy way to brighten my kids’ school day, and they’re also great boredom busters! These lunch notes are inexpensive at a $4.99 price point. They’re available nationwide in-store at all stores through August in the Back-to-School section and at

Blue Light Glasses for Kids from Zenni Blokz Lenses

Kids nowadays spend a lot of time looking at digital devices, whether it’s for school or just for fun. The problem is that blue light emitted by these electronics can disrupt sleep and may lead to eye strain and blurred vision. That’s why it’s important to protect their eyes. Blue light glasses for kids by Zenni does just that.

Zenni Blue Light Glasses Bicultural Mama

My younger daughter tried a pair of cool-looking rectangle-style Zenni glasses which block out the blue light. She loved the fun color and the secure fit. The adjustable temple tips didn’t squeeze behind my daughter’s ears, and the extended nose pads sat comfortably on her nose bridge. I appreciated that the glasses were durable and made of high-quality acetate.

Zenni glasses come in a large variety of other shapes to flatter all types of faces. These glasses are designed for kids ages 4-15 years and are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Find them at

Grouch Couch by Spin Master

Kids still need to have fun even after school starts, and playing Grouch Couch is sure to make them smile. This fun board game for ages 5+ years features a grumpy couch. It makes a lot of noises, including chomps and burps, as it swallows the “treats” that you put on it based on the number that you roll on a die.

Grouch Couch Game Bicultural Mama Back to School

If the couch is feeling satisfied, it’ll “spit” out Lost Goodies tokens that represent common missing items that fall between couch cushions like socks and coins. When the couch plays a victory song, the game is over. The player who has collected the most tokens wins.

It’s an easy game to learn, and very entertaining and fun. Our little one caught on very quickly, and we all enjoyed seeing and hearing the couch interact with us. Find Grouch Couch at Walmart and Target.

InstaStudio Hands-Free Video Station from WeCool Toys/Compound Kings

My kids, like so many others we know, enjoy watching videos where people unbox toys or show kids how to make crafts. In these videos, viewers only see the presenters’ hands as they narrate what they’re doing. Now kids can do the same. Perfect for tweens and teens, the InstaStudio Hands-Free Video Station is a fun and easy way for kids to record their own videos to share with others.

InstaStudio Bicultural Mama

The InstaStudio Hands-Free Video Station comes equipped with an adjustable base and rotating head that holds a smartphone. It also comes with different fun background designs, mixing tool, three pre-made slime packets and a variety of beads and other fun mix-ins to combine with the slime.

My oldest daughter had a great time getting her hands into the slime and jazzing it up with the cool mix-ins. It was just like the videos she’s seen online, but now she can make her own and share with her friends! Find the InstaStudio Hands-Free Video Station at Target.

Deodorant, Shampoo and Conditioner from TBH Kids

My oldest daughter is now a tween, so I was thrilled to discover TBH Kids personal care items made specifically for tweens and teens. Puberty can literally stink, and TBH Kids recognizes this. Their personal care collection is formulated with natural ingredients to support clear, hydrated skin and clean, oil-free hair. We like to use natural products because their free from from toxins.

TBH Deodorant

TBH deodorant uses a blend of natural ingredients like charcoal, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, and witch hazel to help neutralize odors and absorb wetness. Charcoal absorbs wetness and draws toxins out from underarms. Coconut oil soothes skin and gets rid of the odor-causing bacteria. Arrowroot powder helps absorb moisture without causing skin irritation. TBH deodorant doesn’t contain chemicals, parabens, phthalates, and aluminum which could pose health risks. This fragrance-free deodorant is great for both boys and girls.

TBH Kids Back to School

TBH Shampoo

When kids start puberty, their oil glands kick into high gear which can lead to oily hair. The good news is that TBH™ Shampoo can help. It’s a gentle kids’ shampoo that’s nice-smelling. It uses natural ingredients like nettle, cedar bark, and sage to help control sebum (oil)
levels on the hair while maintaining pH balance. Nettle reduces oil in hair without stripping natural oils. Meadowsweet is a soothing herb with natural astringent that helps control oils while hydrating hair while quinoa moisturizes and repairs damaged hair.

TBH Conditioner

For kids with longer hair, combing through it can often prove challenging. That’s where conditioner comes in. TBH™ Conditioner is a lightweight formula that detangles, moisturizes, and adds shine to hair without leaving build-up. This allergy-free conditioner is free of sulfates and parabens. It contains Jojoba which is rich in vitamins and minerals and also nourishes and strengthens hair. This conditioner also includes Vitamin B and Vitamin E which help carry nutrients to the scalp, adding moisture and shine to hair. There’s even quinoa which repairs, hydrates, and moisturizes hair.

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Have a great school year!

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