In a Funk? Join a Fun Fitness Class!

You’re doing your best work at the office. You’re managing everything well at home. And you’re getting out of the house to hang out with your friends. But despite these noble efforts at staying on top of things, you feel as if something is missing. Your life doesn’t have the verve and vitality you used to feel. 

It’s easy to find reasons you feel as sluggish and despondent as you do when you listen to the news. Or when you think about the hardships of last year after the pandemic broke out…and when you get into a heated discussion about current affairs. It’s also easy to look within and conclude that you’re experiencing an existential crisis, a creeping dismay of the tragicomedy of the human condition.  

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But, maybe, you’re overthinking it.

Perhaps, you’re not really in the throes of existential angst, and the world isn’t crumbling into chaos. Or you just need something to boost your self-confidence and restore your faith in yourself and humanity. Maybe you just need to join a fun fitness class to feel vibrantly healthy, positive, and alive. 

Here are some tips to get the most out of a fitness class such as Zumba, indoor cycling, circuit training, Pilates, or yoga. 

Set Clear Fitness Goals

Burning more calories, building muscle, increasing strength, and enhancing stamina are goals. Create measurable, specific fitness goals. Keep track of your progress every month with a scale and a tape measure. If you’re not meeting your goals, see what habit or lifestyle tweaks you need to make get on track.

Consider Natural Remedies Over Supplements 

As soon as you step into the world of health and fitness, you’ll notice alluring supplements promising you a world of benefits to recover from a strenuous workout.  Unfortunately, many popular sports drinks and supplements are packed with artificial ingredients and loaded with too much sugar.

Consider taking a more natural route. For instance, if you need a post-workout drink to pick you up after exercising, try pickle juice instead of a post-workout drink. For example, SuckerPunch Gourmet Pickle Juice not only relieves muscle cramps but also improves hydration, enhances gut health, and supplies your body with much-needed antioxidants.  

Eat Like an Athlete 

Athletes don’t eat the standard American diet. They eat special diets to help them stay lean, healthy, and strong. Although you might not be training for a sporting event, adopt the same mindset.  

Do some independent research on the best foods. There are plenty of proponents of every type of diet, and often their advice is contradictory. For instance, some health gurus suggest a carnivorous diet and others a vegetarian diet. Both camps offer plenty of “scientific evidence” with plenty of “real-life testimonials.” Both camps insist they are right. As such, you’ll need to practice patience and persistence in finding the right eating plan for you.  

If you feel overwhelmed by marketing soundbites when researching nutritional information, then talk to a nutritionist to help you design your perfect healthy eating plan. 

Hack Your Health 

See your fitness class in the wider context of health improvement. Besides eating right and exercising regularly, adopt simple health habits. These include things like taking daily multivitamins, finding simple ways to minimize your stress levels, and getting plenty of rest every night to avoid symptoms associated with sleep deprivation. Make a study of ways that you can improve your health, then try little experiments to see what works for you. Working on your health will improve your results in your class, too.

Tips provided by Anne Davis

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