Watch #HelloMahalo Interview: Bicultural Mama on Multicultural Parenting and Blogging

I met multicultural singer-songwriter, author, and diversity advocate Haikaa Yamamoto years ago when a music industry PR firm hired me to write her biography. During our phone interview, we connected on many levels and stayed in touch. We’ve watched each other grow professionally and personally.

Last year Haikaa launched the #HelloMahalo Diversity Atlas, a research tool that curates and maps diversity initiatives around the world. On the #HelloMahalo Interview series, Haikaa talks to the people who drive these initiatives. I am honored she chose to interview me about multicultural parenting and my blog, and I am happy we are able to support each other’s efforts.

In the interview, we discuss why I launched my blog, what it means to me, the challenges, and hopes for the future. Below is the video our of interview. To view past #HelloMahalo interviews, please visit Haikaa’s YouTube channel.

#HelloMahalo Interview – Maria Wen Adcock from Bicultural Mama

Besides having an amazing singing voice, the talented Haikaa is a wonderful human being. She hails from Japan, United States, and Brazil and embraces the world with open arms. Haikaa spreads peace, harmony, and love wherever she goes through her music and advocacy. To learn more about Haikaa, visit her website at Haikaa.com and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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