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The Adventures of Joy Sun Bear: The Blue Amber of Sumatra Global Learning

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book to assess. All opinions are my own.

Joy Sun Bear Blue Amber of Sumatra

“I want to read it again!” my daughter says after reading The Adventures of Joy Sun Bear: The Blue Amber of Sumatra. She doesn’t proclaim this with every book, so I read it myself to see why she loves it. After I finish reading the book, I understand her excitement.

About the Book

The Adventures of Joy Sun Bear: The Blue Amber of Sumatra, by Blanca Carranza and John Leeis a magical and adventurous tale of a sun bear named Joy. In real life, sun bears reside in the tropical habitats of Southeast Asia. Sumatra, an Indonesian island located in Southeast Asia, provides the setting for this children’s chapter book. Released in September 2018, this book is ideal for 6 to 11-year-olds. It is the first in a children’s book series about a little sun bear’s magical adventure around the world.

The action-packed book follows the protagonist, Joy Sun Bear. He is living peacefully in the rainforest with his family, including his sister Ayu. Suddenly, animals escaping the destruction of another forest arrive near his home. A mischievous, transformative creature known as The Trickster causes chaos. He uses magic to hide the sacred figs and sets things in motion for the refugees to be blamed by suggesting they are cursed. This drives a wedge between the creatures living in the area and the newly-arrived animals.

Joy Sun Bear

Through all of this, the brave and kind Joy Sun Bear looks beyond the fearmongering to truly see the animals in need. He develops a friendship with one – a sweet little orangutan named Tipah – and vows to help restore peace. Joy Sun Bear embarks on a dangerous adventure that leads him to the mystical Blue Amber of Sumatra. With this blue stone, Joy Sun Bear is able to find the power within himself to save his rainforest from destruction.

More Than Just a Story

My daughter loves this tale of magic, friendship, and of protecting the environment. As a parent, I appreciate the themes the book instills. The book includes global messages about the environmental impact of deforestation as well as the plight of refugees. These are done in an age-appropriate manner. The story also highlights the importance of empathy, compassion, and respect. In today’s multicultural world where we’re more interconnected than ever, it’s important to raise kids as global citizens. I try to do this with my kids, to make them aware of the world beyond where we live.

The authors do this by not only placing the story’s setting in Sumatra and including global themes but also by staying true to facts representing the wildlife and plant life in the area. The end of the book includes an information section with tips on how kids can help reduce deforestation and help refugees. Kids can also go to the Joy Sun Bear website where they can find The Adventures of Joy Sun Bear: The Blue Amber of Sumatra coloring sheets and a crossword puzzle to download. The website provides activities for kids to learn more about Sumatra including geography, country facts, food, culture, animals, a craft, recipe, and coloring activity.

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About Joy Sun Bear Global Learning Website

Joy Sun Bear promotes learning about the world’s diverse cultures by crafting a positive, fun, and kid-safe online experience. Through a wide selection of resources, and a cast of characters kids can relate to, parents and educators alike can explore the world with their kids and develop their global awareness with love and respect. Joy Sun Bear aims to EMPOWER children to respect and celebrate who they are, ENCOURAGE children to embrace diversity and connect with other people and cultures, and EDUCATE children to be proactive global citizens and take action to make positive changes in the world. Learn more at www.JoySunBear.com

Author Biographies

Blanca Carranza: Co-Author

Blanca Carranza is a former preschool teacher and globetrotter. Born in New York to Colombian parents, she spent her early life traveling around the world and listening to her grandmothers’ stories. She has visited fifteen countries across four continents. Her passion for exploring the world, combined with her study of child development, created a unique atmosphere for the daycares and preschools she has owned and operated. From international music to food and art, she brought the world to the children she cared for. Before retiring from childcare, she was inspired to create Joy Sun Bear and his adventures. She did so to help children learn more about the world. She has two kids of her own, both all grown up. Blanca lives in Southern California with her husband.

John Lee: Co-Author/Illustrator

From driving tanks in the U.S. Army and problem-solving in the IT world to writing and drawing cute animals on magical adventures, John’s life has been fun and diverse. Drawing and storytelling have always been important hobbies for John. Fueled by books, video games, and copious amounts of coffee, he is always excited to read, watch, or create some adventure-filled fiction. John adores time with his wife and daughter. They provide a limitless supply of love, inspiration, and motivation. Together they live in sunny Southern California.


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