Fotor Online Photo Editing Makes the Ordinary Extraordinary

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Remember the “old days” before digital cameras existed? You took photos with a point-and-click camera that contained a roll of film. You hoped for the best, but wouldn’t know if the photos turned out until you developed the film. Inevitably, some of your printed pictures came back too dark, blurry, or with a thumb in the picture.

We’ve come a long way.

Not only have digital cameras revolutionized the camera industry, but online photo editing programs have upped the game to create polished, professional-looking pictures. One such online photo editing tool is Fotor, a free site launched in 2012 that works as an all-in-one photo editing suite. Think of it as a lighter version of Photoshop that’s online. You could be an avid traveler, a mom taking pictures of her kids, a teen active on social media, or a professional looking to create polished presentations for work. Fotor is easy to use for everyone.

Fotor collage Shanghai
Memories of Shanghai using Fotor’s collage feature.

Fotor is very user-friendly and offers editing, design, and collage features to every user. It offers thousands of professional-looking templates that even beginners can utilize to make their pictures look professional.

Users can save their work in the Fotor Cloud for easy editing and access from anywhere. Fotor works with both Windows and Mac, and now supports every major mobile and desktop platform from Android to iOS. There’s even a specialized “Fotor for Messenger” version which is streamlined with Facebook to provide greater connectivity and convenience.

Below are highlights of some Fotor features I tried with my pictures from a trip to Shanghai.

One-Tap Enhance

This is a great feature to use when you know your picture doesn’t quite look right but don’t know how to fix it. Simply click “One-Tap Enhance” and voila! Your new picture magically looks way better than the original.

I took the picture above at the China History Museum. In-person, this extraordinary piece was incredibly detailed and bright gold color. The photo on the left doesn’t capture its magnificence. Using One-Tap Enhance, the picture on the right brings out all the details and colors that had been muted in the original photo.

Photo Effects

Photo Effects are like filters where you click on the “look” and “feel” you’re looking for to transform your photo. You can choose fun effects like changing your photo to appear like a work of art. Here’s a photo of my daughter and me on the plane to Shanghai. I used the GoArt photo effect option called Magic Cube. Pretty cool, eh?

Fotor online photo editing
On the plane to Shanghai – Image uses Fotor Photo Effects Magic Cube.

Add Text to Photo

This feature is great for customizing Facebook covers (Fotor offers tons of templates), watermarking or labeling photos, or for any time you want to create a professional-looking statement image. In the image below, I used a Facebook Cover template, imported a photo, and customized the text.

Fotor Shanghai
The Bund and Financial District in Shanghai – Designed using Fotor Facebook Cover template and Add Text to Photo feature.

Crop Image, Stickers, and Frames

Cropping is a must-have feature. If you’re like me, you’re always getting way too many distractions captured in the background of your photos. Stickers and frames give you the option to make photos more fun. They’re great when you want to jazz up a photo before posting it on social media. Check out the “Before” and “After” photos below. The “After” photo uses a Polaroid-shaped frame. I also added stickers, and text, and used One-Tap Enhance to brighten up the image. The “After” photo is so much cuter and fun!

Pricing and FotorPro

Fotor supports all the most popular image file formats. It even provides free RAW file processing (a picture that has not been processed or compressed). This is a feature other photo editing sites typically charge you for. This is just one of the many examples of features Fotor allows users to access in its Basic free plan.

Fotor Pro, the upgraded plan, includes all the Basic features but more. Fotor Pro is ad-free with advanced editing, photo touch, and design features. It includes exclusives like 100+ photo effects, high definition HDR technologies, and huge storage in the Fotor Cloud. Fotor provides updated content and new features almost weekly to Fotor Pro users.

Fotor Pro pricing is $3.33/month ($39.99 billed annually) or $8.99 monthly. If you’re interested in trying Fotor Pro, please click here on my Fotor affiliate link. When purchasing through this link, Fotor will provide me a small commission that I will use towards the cost of maintaining this site.


I have enjoyed experimenting with Fotor. It offers a huge array of online photo editing features and is much more in-depth than other competitive sites I have used. I plan on using to edit my blog’s photos moving forward. For more information, please visit

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