Five Family-Friendly Activities in Utah

If you’re looking for fun activities that will keep the entire family entertained, Utah offers a great array of exciting and adventurous destinations – as well as plenty of places to relax and unwind. As a part of the United States that is blessed with outstanding natural wonders and scenery, you never need to be stuck for ideas when it comes to finding things to do that everyone will enjoy.

When you choose to take your family vacation in Utah, you’ll be entirely spoiled for choice in terms of accommodation options. With accommodation to suit people of all tastes, you can rest assure that your vacation will be truly tailored to the particular preferences of your individual family.

The rustic motels and lodges in the iconic western towns make for exciting and novel places to stay for children. They’ll no doubt have older guests fondly reminiscing about the films and games of their childhood. For those looking for a taste of the great outdoors on their next vacation, a charming log cabin in the mountains will allow guests of all ages to enjoy a real connection with nature and have a true sense of freedom and adventure. If your family vacations are more about soaking up the culture and history of local cities, there are plenty of luxury hotels that allow you to return to absolute comfort and sophistication after a busy day of sightseeing.

Whatever kind of vacation you’re planning for your family, Utah has lots to offer not just in terms of accommodations but also regarding activities. Below are five fun and exciting things to do in the Beehive State that will be sure to provide happy memories for you and all the family.

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah

Action Sports

It goes without saying that Utah is a haven for those looking to experience extreme sports and other adrenaline-fueled thrills. From world-class, family-friendly ski resorts like Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain, to white water rafting on the world-famous Colorado River, there’s more than enough to keep even the most experienced action sports fanatics in your group satisfied. For those who’d prefer to watch from the sidelines, Utah’s action sports resorts are well equipped with great hospitality as well as friendly staff.

Utah’s unique landscape and climate allows families to enjoy experiences they simply can’t have elsewhere. If you’re considering bringing your family to Utah for your next vacation, be sure that everyone gets to take full advantage of all the unique and exciting action sports and activities the state has to offer.

Vernal, Utah

So many children go through a phase of being crazy about dinosaurs. Many adults maintain a quiet interest in these prehistoric creatures even after they’ve grown out of their initial obsession! Vernal, Utah is home to one of the world’s largest collections of Jurassic dinosaur bones. The area is famous amongst dinosaur enthusiasts for being a hotbed of prehistoric bones and fossils. With visitor centers and the Utah Field House of Natural History located in the vicinity, there’s plenty for people of all ages to explore.

Even more, all of these amazing prehistoric artifacts are accessible from the town of Vernal. The town boasts lots of other things to do. There are great shops to find souvenirs to take home as well as family-friendly restaurants. In Vernal, everyone can enjoy the visit – not just the dinosaur lovers!

Lagoon Amusement Park

For many people who live in Utah, Lagoon Amusement Park is one of the iconic symbols of the summer season. Founded over a century ago, Lagoon Amusement Park has become a staple of a Utah family vacation. The park is located in Farmington, Utah, about 17 miles north of Salt Lake City.

Lots of rides will keep children young and old entertained. There’s also a Lagoon-a-beach where families can relax and splash around. For older kids and adults, the park’s newest roller coaster – Cannibal – is a thrilling ride boasting a 208-foot tower, a 116-degree inverted dive, and a speed of 70 mph. Overall there’s plenty of activities to ensure everyone has a great time. The park offers great musical entertainment, and there are many museums to explore in Pioneer Village. It’s perfect for those members of the family who would rather spend their time relaxing on dry land!

Bryce Canyon National Park

For families wishing to spend time enjoying nature, Utah’s famous Bryce Canyon National Park is the perfect solution. While the park attracts lots of professional photographers and serious hikers, it is also a popular place for families to visit.

With iconic hoodoos that turns the landscape into brightly colored and unique rock formations, Bryce Canyon never fails to impress. The unusual scenery makes the place look like the terrain of another planet. As such, Bryce Canyon National Park is a hit with children whose imaginations can run wild. Families can stroll around the perimeter to take in the breathtaking views.

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

Located in Layton, SeaQuest is more than just an aquarium. Visitors can enjoy a truly interactive underwater experience. They can learn about the marine world in a hands-on way that is both memorable and fun.

With exhibits, touch pools, and plenty of opportunities to feed sea creatures, SeaQuest provides the excitement of a traditional aquarium and more. The center also has specially designed built-in aquarium views. These areas help to ensure that everyone, including the wheelchair-bound, can enjoy the fascinating creatures and ecosystems on display.


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