Every Family’s Got One: Watch the Live Storytelling Show in Southampton

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Families can be wonderful…or drive us crazy. It’s this dichotomy that makes family stories so interesting. Every Family’s Got One, a live storytelling show, captures these true family stories and presents them in heartwarming, sometimes cringeworthy, and often humorous ways.

Founded and hosted by Barbara Herel and Tony Mennuto (of NBC’s sketch comedy group Live On Tape), Every Family’s Got One has returned after a hiatus due to a certain pandemic that disrupted life as we knew it. 

My Storytelling Performance in Every Family’s Got One

Every Family's Got One Maria Still Shot
Maria Adcock performing in “Every Family’s Got One.” [Credit: Every Family’s Got One]
Back in 2018 when the show was first produced, I was part of the premiere ensemble of storytellers. My story was called “The Perm.” The setting was the Midwest during my middle school years when I was one of the few Asian kids in town. During those notorious awkward years, I thought that by transforming my stick-straight hair into beautiful curls, I’d fit right in.

In my story, I reflected on how the perm ended up being much more than just about hair. Ultimately, it was about self-identity, self-confidence, and self-acceptance. Find out more and watch my performance HERE.

The 2022 Cast

Tales of a Pizza Bagel Family Kim Como
Kim Grabina-Como and her sons from the blog post, “Tales of a Pizza Bagel Family.”             [Credit: Kim Grabina-Como]
This year, my friend Kim Grabina-Como will be a storyteller in this productionKim knows how to tell a story. She’s not afraid to show vulnerability like in this blog post “Tales of a Work From Home (WFH) Mom.” She lovingly reflects on her grandmother’s life and death in “Remembering Grandma.”   In “Tales of a Pizza Bagel Family,” Kim discusses with humor how she blends their Italian and Jewish heritage. Kim is sure to reveal more of her interesting family life in her upcoming Every Family’s Got One performance.

Storytelling cast members for 2022 include an exciting mix of talented people: Moth story-slam winners, actors, writers, foodies, and Canadians. Make sure to get your tickets so you can hear the stories told by Kim Como, Linda Kuriloff, Ronna Levy, Sandi Marx, Crystal Mayo, Ax Norman, Johanne Pelletier, and Angela Derecas Taylor.

Every Family's Got One Square storytelling


Date: Saturday, June 25, 2022
Time: 8 PM
Location: The Southampton Cultural Center, 25 Pond Lane, Southampton, NY 11968

Please join Barbara Herel and her co-producers, Dawn Nagle and Tony Mennuto, as they bring 8 incredible storytellers telling amazing stories about their families to the stage at the Southampton Cultural Center. Enjoy an evening of fun, and all participants will have a chance to win prizes in giveaways!

Tickets and Pre-Show: Tickets are $45. Join the cast pre-show at 7 PM for complimentary beverages, hors d’oeuvres – and art! Dawn Nagle has curated a fantastic art show featuring New York-area artists and is offering the option to make purchases.


Have questions or just want to learn more? Check out the show’s website at EveryFamilysGotOne.com.

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