Almost Every Country’s Top Kid-Friendly Tourist Attraction

No matter where you travel in the world, if you’re with your kids, they’ll want to do something fun and interesting. But if you’re not familiar with the area, how do you know what kid-friendly tourist attraction exists for you to visit?

The team at Budget Direct Travel Insurance has tackled this huge question. Thanks to community review sites, the research team aggregated opinions on which destinations were as fun as they looked. Using Tripadvisor, they searched through each country’s “Best Things To Do” page. They then refined the search with the “Good for Kids” filter. The team spent hours sifting through TripAdvisors reviews for caves, wildlife parks, aquariums, ruins, and more to find attractions in every country that will keep kids and their families happy.

Using this data, the team created maps showing the top kid-friendly tourist attraction in almost every country. For Australia, the team made an extra, detailed, city-by-city map because they’re from this area.

Wherever you’re going in the world, this comprehensive map below shows the best place to take your children based on the highest rated place for kids in almost every country around the world. Scroll down to view each region in more detail.

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1. North America’s Best Kid-Friendly Tourist Attractions 

The continent of North America includes the areas of Northern America, Central America, and the Caribbean. From the Bahamas to Cape Columbia, unique cultures have emerged from the meeting of millennia-old indigenous peoples and more recent European settlers. At the same time, urban development threatens local wildlife. A guided tour of the Tet Paul Nature Trail in St.Lucia will reveal all manner of local plant life, while Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada introduces kids to the ancient stories of endangered animals.

In the United States, New York’s famed Central Park attracts visitors from around the world. Kids can enjoy miles of trails, a zoo, lakes, merry-go-round, ice skating in the winter, and more.

At the southern end of the continent, beaches and bays dominate the lists of “best things to do.” Varadero Beach in Cuba is so idyllic it could have been drawn by children. It has white sand, blue skies, green palm trees, and the crystal blue-green Caribbean sea.


2. Europe’s Best Kid-Friendly Tourist Attractions 

Europe is the seat of western civilization. Thousands of years of human history jostle with progressive ideas amidst a web of diverse cultures. A great example of this in action is the award-winning War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The museum is situated at the heart of a city. This area still bears the scars of the longest siege in the history of modern warfare. Exhibitions of personal belongings, stories, and videos relate the experiences of children who grew up in wartime around the world.

Krakow in Poland is home to the largest medieval town square in Europe. The 10-acre plaza contains a 16th-century Renaissance Cloth Hall. It also includes a 13th-century Gothic Town Hall Tower and a 14th-century Gothic Basilica of the Virgin Mary. But the town is very much alive today, with shows, open-air events, and markets thriving between the historical buildings.


3. Africa’s Best Kid-Friendly Tourist Attractions 

Africa is enormous. Despite the way it looks on most maps of the world, you could fit the whole of China, India, and the contiguous United States into Africa and still have room to squeeze in a fair bit of Europe. So, it’s not surprising that there is a lot to do there – and much of it is outdoors. For example, the Okavango Delta in Botswana is home to birds, hippo, elephant, giraffe and buffalo, to mention a few. And you can view all of them, from a safe distance of course, here.

For older kids who want to get a little closer to the animals, you can treat them to a horse ride at Plateau Stables in Malawi. As you trot along you can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding indigenous forests.

4. Asia’s Best Kid-Friendly Tourist Attractions

“Potted plants wither when their roots are not trimmed,” begins the slogan of South Korea’s Spirited Garden, “and people age when they do not change their way of thinking.” Asia is home to some of the most diverse cultures and landscapes on Earth. From the jungle to the temple, the whole family is sure to see the world from a new perspective.

The seven small landscapes that make up the Spirited Garden are situated on Jeju Island. They form a harmonious landscape of waterfalls, stone bridges, and bunjaes (ornamental dwarf trees). Castle-like walls protect the gardens from the winds so children can see nature and human design working hand-in-hand.

For kids with a passion for architecture or history, the Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, Japan will thrill and fascinate in equal measure. Visitors can learn about Kannon, the goddess of mercy, the temple was built in her honor.

5. South America’s Best Kid-Friendly Tourist Attractions

South America is a magical, dramatic expanse of rainforests, mountains, ancient ruins, and vibrant music and nightlife. You can prepare for a big nature trip with a stay in the city. For kids with a passion for marine life, the Commewijne River in Suriname is an excellent way to start. Take a relaxing stroll with the kids and you might just spot some dolphins.

If you’re in Buenos Aires, Argentina, check out the green belt of the Palermo Neighborhood. It’s a great way to escape with the kids from the hustle and bustle of the city. The area is flush with beautiful parks, monuments, botanical gardens, and lakes. An excellent place to start would be the Jardin Japones, one of the largest gardens of its type in the world outside Japan. This tranquil Zen garden is complete with fish ponds, an arched bridge and even offers a place to enjoy some traditional tea.

6. Oceania’s Best Kid-Friendly Tourist Attractions

Oceania is a varied region containing some of the most rural and culturally diverse inhabitants in the world. For example, Fiji has served as a crossroads for migrants for many centuries due to it being right in the middle of the Pacific. The best child-friendly thing to do here is the breathtaking guided walk along the Lavena Coast. Black sand beaches one minute, beautiful forests the next, this wild southeastern coastline will thrill kids and adults alike.

The Samoa Cultural Village in Apia, the capital of Samoa, is a living celebration of this Polynesian people’s culture and traditions. Visitors can learn and experience the Samoan way through tours, storytelling, food, and events.

7. Australia’s Best Kid-Friendly Tourist Attractions  

Australia is perfect for families with children. There’s something for everyone – particularly if you’re up for a bit of a road-trip along the way! Stunning sea-life nestles up against some of the world’s best beaches, the cities are alive with art and events, and there’s plenty of rural adventure and bizarre wildlife in between.

Our final map introduces the top-rated kid-friendly destination in 50 cities around Australia. Tamworth Marsupial Park is a great nature reserve for the children to get to grips with the country’s iconic marsupials such as kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and wombats. The adventure playground at Lake Pertobe is a fabulous place to alternate sport and games with a nature walk or getting lost in the maze. And you can polish it all off by cooking food together on the free-access electric barbecue!

Australia kid-friendly tourist attraction

There is so much variety to see in the world. Introducing kids to art, sport, and nature early in their lives can help stimulate a lifelong passion for learning and enjoying new things. Thanks to the power of review websites like Tripadvisor, it’s easy to find a top kid-friendly tourist attraction wherever you are in the world. Where will you take the children next?

Credit: Images/content courtesy of Budget Direct Travel Insurance 

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