3 Ways to Enjoy a Kid-Friendly Vacation

When you’re on your own or half of a couple, traveling is relatively simple. You only have to pack for yourself, and you can make up the daily schedule as you go while changing plans on a whim. Adding kids the travel mix changes everything. You need to plan a kid-friendly vacation and think of ways to keep children busy throughout the trip. Packing becomes more complicated, and forgetting the essentials can ruin your trip.

Despite these challenges, you and your family can still have a great vacation. You just need to be prepared for how travel can affect your little ones and plan activities that keep older kids engaged. Take a look at these simple strategies to enjoy a kid-friendly vacation.

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Choose a Kid-Friendly Destination

Before you decide where to go, research destinations with things to do for you and your children. Ask older children for input on where they would like to go. Including teens in the planning process can help them enjoy the trip even before you leave. Choose a city like Montebello, California, that offers a variety of family activities like hiking, museums, nearby beaches, and plenty of kid-friendly restaurants.

Look for hotel options that include suites or connecting rooms so everyone has their own space. Try to avoid packing the family into a small hotel room.

Write a Packing List

No parents want to start their vacation by running around shopping for baby wipes and anything else they forgot to pack. Last-minute shopping takes time and can make you feel stressed. That’s no way to spend your vacation. Start writing a packing list a week before your trip so that you don’t forget anything. Check off each item as you pack it into your suitcase. Ask your partner to double-check your list.

Don’t forget extra socks, phone chargers, medication, and baby gear. Make sure that your hotel room will have a crib and that the rental cars include child safety seats. You’ll spend more time having fun with your little ones since you won’t have to track down things you forgot to pack.

Schedule Activities

Pack toys and games or download movies for kids to watch during long flights or car rides. Plan things to do once you arrive at your destination, too. Sitting on a beach soaking up the sun for a week may be your idea of an excellent vacation, but your kids may get bored quickly.

Plan a few hours of family activities each day. You don’t have to schedule every minute of your day. Plan some fun things to do while still leaving yourself some downtime to relax. Older children will also appreciate having time to themselves. Experiencing a mix of family time and periods of rest will ensure everyone enjoys the trip.

A little planning can help you and your kids enjoy your next vacation. Try these tips to make traveling easier. You’ll spend time creating memories instead of dealing with unhappy kids and tracking down items you forgot to pack.

Tips contributed by R. Tyson –  Photo source via Pixabay

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