Celebrate Your Cultural Heritage With These 6 Home Decor Ideas

Families with multicultural backgrounds take a lot of pride in their heritage. Continuing to observe the traditions and customs of their ancestors is how many people choose to celebrate their origins. It’s also a way to keep in touch with cultural roots. For homeowners, the chance to recognize some of the design touchpoints that their ancestors employed is a way to honor their cultures. In the following, we’ll explore six home decor ideas that you can use to celebrate your cultural heritage.

Great Wall Culture Home Decor

1. Wall Art That Expresses Your Culture

Wall art is some of the most diverse and expressive types of decor you can get. If you’re just looking to add a few pieces to lend a subtle hint of your culture, wall art works great. If you want to turn a hallway into a walking art gallery showcasing your history, wall art works great for that as well! It’s really up to you.

If you need some ideas to choose the right kind of wall art, consider the following:

  • An art print depicting an important event in your culture’s history. For example, a print of the Edo period painting The Battle of Sekigahara would look absolutely stunning.
  • Tribal masks used in theater or ceremonies
  • Original artwork or prints from an artist widely recognized in your culture
  • Ornaments used in traditional festivals

2. Rugs or Blankets Using Traditional Designs

Though many years have passed since they were first used, the color arrangements and patterns found in rugs of centuries past are still popular today. In particular, the diamond based patterns originating in the Middle East are used just as much now as they were back then. To give a subtle nod to your heritage, an area rug featuring these traditional designs is a perfect choice!  Not only can you celebrate your heritage, but you can also protect your floor and let your guests indulge in comfort at the same time.

3. Religious Symbols as Decor

Religion has always been a hallmark of cultural identity. Using some of the religious totems that you hold most dear in your design scheme can help express your most deeply held beliefs while making a more beautiful home. A cross hanging on the wall, a statue of the Buddha in your living room, or a print of Shiva on your bedroom wall can look amazing and show reverence for the figures they represent.

4. Furniture in the Style of Your Originating Country

You may prefer to use the standard four-legged chair in most areas of your home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a little diversity. For example, you could use a traditional Chinese canopy bed in your bedroom. You could also use large pillows or cushions in the place of chairs at your dining table, just as Indians and Middle-Easterners do.

Bamboo plant Home Decor

5. Plants and Flowers from Your Home Country

Whether displayed in a garden or in a home, plants and flowers provide a beautiful, inexpensive way to improve your home’s look. For people from unique or diverse backgrounds, they also offer the perfect way to express pride in their heritage. Plants and flowers are incredibly diverse, meaning you can add them to your design scheme in a number of amazing ways. Some examples include:

  • Hanging from the posts of your bed frame
  • As potpourri on your dining table
  • To form a walking path leading to your front door

The other advantage that plants offer is that they’re easy to match with a color scheme. Why? Because they come in so many different colors.

A Note on Importing Foreign Plants

Be cautious before you committing to certain plants. Depending on where you live, certain species from your culture’s home country may be prohibited. Your country’s department of agriculture should have a regularly updated list of plants that are legal to import and export.

6. Traditional Clothing as Decor

If you feel like getting a little more creative, you can repurpose some of your culture’s traditional clothing items as decor pieces. This makes for a great conversation piece. It also creates a unique appearance for your home that not many people take advantage of! Some fun ideas you could consider include:

  • Draping a Mexican serape over your couch
  • Using a silk Asian scarf as a table runner or draping it on top of a piano
  • Converting a pair of English waders into a flower vase

Of all the suggestions on this list, this one by far allows you to create the most unique home decor ideas you can dream up!


Contributed by Sarah Saker

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