Cool Gadgets for Car Safety and Tracking Keys

Disclosure: I received samples of these cool gadgets to assess. All opinions are my own.

Cool Gadgets Car Safety Keys

Feeling safe and organized are two basic things most people want to achieve. I’m no exception. Anyone who knows me will say I’m super organized, and I also always keep safety in mind. That’s why I was excited to discover these very cool, innovative gadgets below that have empowered me regarding car safety and key organizing. These gadgets are not only great for adults but also perfect for high school and college students going back to school.

FIXD Auto Diagnostics Sensor

Whenever I bring my car in for routine service, the mechanics always seem to find unexpected problems. An oil change ends up becoming a two-hour service call to fix these newly-found issues. I inevitably leave with many hundred dollars less in my banking account. I’ve always wondered, “Were these repairs really necessary or am I getting scammed?”

FIXED sensorNow I can feel more secure with the FIXD Sensor. The FIXD Sensor plugs directly into your vehicle under the dashboard where it then “reads” the hardware there to determine if any issues exist. Most service centers do the same things; they’ll plug into this same area to read the car’s diagnostics. The difference is that now you can do it at any time, and the FIXD app will translate warnings and problems into simple, understandable terms.

Whenever your Check Engine Light turns on or you’re nearing your next maintenance interval, FIXD will help you to better understand what’s happening without using confusing technical terminology. It even gives you estimates of how much repairs should cost so you won’t get scammed at the service center.


FIXD Sensor connects to any vehicle model year 1996 and newer that runs on gasoline. The app is iOS and Android compatible. You can monitor all your vehicles by linking FIXD sensors in each car to the same FIXD app. Note that the sensor does not detect airbag, maintenance, TPMS, or ABS lights as these are monitored via different systems in the car. However, the FIXD Sensor can still diagnose 7,000+ car problems from your Smartphone, and you even clear the light via the app when the Check Engine Light is lit.

I now feel so much more confident about the health of my car. I feel safer knowing the FIXD Sensor will warn me of any issues immediately and help me determine what I’m dealing with. So the next time I bring my car to the service center, I know I won’t be scammed because I’ll be armed with knowledge from FIXD. Find FIXD Sensor on the FIXDApp website and Amazon.

KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location Tracking

Have you ever had that sense of panic when you can’t find your keys? You imagine the worst. How will I drive my car? How will I get into my house? Yes, I’ve been there.

Thank goodness for the KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location Tracking! It’s not just a key organizer, it’s SO much more.

KeySmart App

  • Organize Your Keys – KeySmart Pro holds 2-10 keys and organizes it in a way that hides the keys’ jagged teeth. Keeping keys in one place neatly eliminates the problem of tangled keys and keychains as well as the jingle jangle of knocking keys. It’s super easy to assemble. A metal loop at the end fits any large key, car remote, or car FOB. For those people with a lot of keys, there’s an expansion pack to hold up to 34 keys.
  • Find Your Missing Keys – The KeySmart Pro has partnered with the free Tile app to help you track your missing keys on a map. You can use the Tile app to make your KeySmart Pro play a tune to find your keys faster.
  • Find Your Missing Phone – The KeySmart Pro also help you to find your missing phone. Just press the button on the KeySmart Pro to make your phone ring, even when the phone is set to silent (it’ll turn your phone’s volume up and play a tune).
  • Power the LED Flashlight – A built-in flashlight helps you to find the keyhole and light your way in dark areas.
  • Open Up Bottles – Because why not have a bottle opener just in case?

The KeySmart Pro comes with a USB charging cable to charge the battery which lasts up to 45 days. The device is very sturdy, made of shatterproof, scratch proof polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel hardware. You can even customize it with other accessories like a folding knife, USB, screwdriver, nano pen, and more. I made the switch, and my heavy set of keys and keychains have been reduced significantly due to this innovative device. Find the KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location on the KeySmart website and Amazon.

Key Catch Sticky Magnetic Key Hanger

I like things that don’t require tools and that keep me organized. The Key Catch Sticky Magnetic Key Hanger does just that – you peel and stick these super strong magnets on any metal surface, and it’ll hold up your keys – up to 3 lbs!

keycatch sticky

It’s a sleek and modern way to organize your keys – a great way to rid of bulky key racks and hooks! An ideal place to hang these sticky magnets is on your light switch. After all, next to every door there’s usually a light switch. Because the magnets are super strong, they’ll hold your keys securely so they won’t drop, dangle, or scratch your walls.

I was concerned that the magnets could the functioning of any electronic devices it came near. My concerns were alleviated when I found out through the site that although the magnets were powerful, they were not powerful enough to damage an electronic key FOB or remote entry car key. Whew! Find the Key Catch Sticky Magnetic Key Hanger on the KeyCatch website and on Amazon.

What are your best organizing tips? Let us know in the comments!

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