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When the Clock Strikes on Halloween Picture Book Giveaway & Campaign

When the Clock Strikes on Halloween Picture Book Cover

Note: Thank you to Lisa Ferland for gifting me this Halloween book to review. All opinions are my own.

Kids are obsessed with Halloween! Though it has long past, my little one still watches kid-friendly Halloween videos. Maybe it’s because she associates candy with Halloween. Or perhaps she thinks it’s fun to get a bit scared, knowing that the spooky creatures she’s viewing are not real. Either way, her love for Halloween is year-round.

As such, my daughter was thrilled to read When the Clock Strikes on Halloween written by Lisa Ferland and illustrated by Pei Jen. This picture book, for early readers ages 4 to 8 years, is a fun rhyming story featuring ghosts, goblins, witches, vampires, and other cute creatures. Readers will enjoy turning each page to discover what happens every hour on Halloween when the clock strikes.

When the Clock Strikes on Halloween Bicultural Mama

Verses written in iambic trimeter are simple enough for children to try reading on their own. Rhyming helps kids fill in the blanks when they encounter unfamiliar words.

This fun-to-read book educates kids in the following ways:

  • Teaches them the concept of time in a fun and enjoyable way.
  • Helps them learn how to read analog clocks – something many kids are unfamiliar with in our age of digital technology.
  • Supports them in their understanding of how sequencing of events works.
  • Encourages them to read independently.

When my daughter and I read the book together, I would read part of the sentence but then stop and point to the clock number (“When the clock strikes _______”). She would then say the number on the clock (“1!”). In this way, she was learning to recognize numbers and also the sequence of these numbers.

Colorful, fun, and expressive illustrations mirror the spirit of Halloween without appearing too spooky to young kids. Each page turn reveals a different time on a clock. The opposite page features different creatures and what they’re doing at that time of day.

But it’s not just creatures in the story. Readers will also see a diverse set of children in the illustrations. They’ll be able to see themselves and the multicultural world they live in reflected on the pages. Look for clues in the illustrations that lead to a fun twist at the end.

My daughter enjoyed the book and asked me to read it again. Next, she tried to read the book herself while pointing to the numbers on the clock as she read each page. In her words, “I love it!”

When the clock strikes eight double spread

Pre-order Available for a Limited Time With Bonuses

When the Clock Strikes on Halloween is available for pre-order with exclusive rewards for a limited time between 4/16/19 to 5/15/19 with delivery expected by July or August 2019. Readers will receive the following for only $15 plus FREE US shipping:

  • When the Clock Strikes on Halloween paperback book
  • When the Clock Strikes on Halloween E-book
  • Halloween activity PDF including time telling exercises, sight word searches, and more
  • Video recording of the book that brings the illustrations to life

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ENTER THE When the Clock Strikes on Halloween GIVEAWAY

One lucky reader will win a softcover copy of the book When the Clock Strikes on Halloween. Please enter via the giveaway form below. Open to readers with U.S. mailing addresses only. Good luck!

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Find out more about the author, Lisa Ferland, on Facebook, Instagram, and her website. Learn more about the illustrator, Pei Jen, on Instagram.

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