Chinese New Year Gift Guide for Kids

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Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, arrives on January 28 this year. Out goes the Year of the Monkey and in comes the Year of the Rooster. The holiday dates are based on the lunar calendar. Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the first lunar month and ends on the 15th day of the first lunar month.

The celebration of Chinese New Year ushers out the last year and invites prosperity into the new year. It is the largest and most important holiday in China. Other countries with populations who celebrate Chinese New Year include Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines.

People traditionally celebrate Chinese New Year by giving lucky money to children, visiting family and friends, eating meals with symbolic foods, launching firecrackers to ward off evil spirits, and by practicing many more customs.

Chinese New Year traditions do not typically include gift giving of purchased items (unlike say, the Christmas holiday). However, for those who wish to honor the holiday or teach their kids about it via gifts, here are a list of products related to Chinese New Year that can help.

Red Envelopes

Elders give children and unmarried young people lucky red envelopes on Chinese New Year to wish them good luck. The color red symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and scares away evil spirits. The envelopes pictured, designed and printed by Chrissy Jee of The Dumpling Mama blog, are high-quality, gold-embossed print envelopes. The quality makes a difference as the cheaper brands tend to rip easily, especially when the gift recipient opens them.Lucky Red EnvelopesThe red envelope measures 8 cm x 11.5 cm which easily fits folded U.S. monetary bills. Choose from three messages embossed on the envelopes: Good Health, Luck, and Long Life. All envelopes come in packs of 20 with gold rooster sticker envelope seals. Retail Price: $20 per pack at The Dumpling Mama Store.

Picture Books

Sleeping Bear Press has release two Chinese New Year picture books. Books are an excellent way to introduce and discuss the holiday with children. “No Year of the Cat” by Mary Dodson Wade tells the fable of how the animals in the Chinese Zodiac were determined. As the title implies, there is no Year of the Cat, and the story and illustrations explain why in a fun and informative way. Retail Price: $16.95 Hardcover.

No Year of the Cat

Po Po Lucky Chinese New Year



“PoPo’s Lucky Chinese New Year” by Virginia Loh-Hagan tells the story of how a young Chinese-American girl’s PoPo, or grandmother, teaches her the traditions of Chinese New Year. Readers learn tips and customs to celebrate the holiday, as told through the eyes of a curious, charming main character. Retail Price: $16.99 Hardcover.

Chinese Zodiac Toys

The 12-Piece Chinese Zodiac Finger Puppets includes each animal in the Chinese Zodiac. It’s a fun way for little ones to learn about and participate in the holiday. Approximate Retail Price: $8.99.Zodiac finger puppets new

The 2-Piece Year of the Chicken (Rooster) Hanging Plush toys are a cuddly way for kids to celebrate the holiday. Embroidered on the front of each plush egg shell is the Chinese character “Fu” which means good luck. Approximate Retail Price $19.99.

Chinese Zodiac Puzzle

Year of the Rooster Plush Chinese New Year






The Chunky Wooden English/Chinese Zodiac Animal Puzzle is made of 100% wood, and the pieces are the ideal size for little hands to grab. The puzzle not only teaches about the Chinese Zodiac, but will also help kids develop fine motor skills. Approximate Retail Price: $19.91.

Year of the Rooster Clothing and Accessories

This cute TeezBee Baby Year of the Rooster top is available as both a t-shirt or onesie for infants and toddlers. Choose from a wide range of colors. Approximate Retail Price: $15.00.

For bigger kids and adults, the Chinese New Year Gold Rooster T-shirt is available in men, women, and youth sizes. The t-shirt comes in black or navy colors. Approximate Retail Price: $15.95.cny clothingWear the Fire Rooster Pin is a way to ignite honesty, loyalty, wisdom, and fortitude. The pins are made from VisiJet material, known for its superior strength and fit. They’re 3D printed and are hand-painted on plastic with a brass-pinched pin post. The limited edition pin retails for $16.99 with free shipping on the Treat & Company website.

Home Decor

Bring good luck throughout the home with this 6-piece Year of the Rooster Hanging Wall Decoration Décor. Made of high-quality paper, the décor includes representations of a Lucky Rooster Planet, Firecrackers, Swirls, Teardrop Lantern, Classic Lantern, and Spring. Approximate Retail Price: $28.38.Chinese New Year Wall DecorHang Fu Signs (set of 2) on doors for good luck. Some people believe you should hang the signs upside down for feng shui reasons – that by placing it upside down good luck will literally pour onto the house. Approximate Retail Price: $7.99.Fu signs 2 set


These traditional red-and-gold-packaged Chinese Good Luck Candy is very familiar to children who celebrate Chinese New Year. The strawberry-flavored candies come in a 12.3 oz. package (about 70 candies). Approximate Retail Price: $9.55.

Chinese New Year celebrators love to eat dried red dates straight-up as a finger snack or sliced and add to tea. Dried red dates are also used as the center décor in Chinese New Year cake. The dried Jujube Chinese Red Dates come in a 12 oz. bag. Approximate Retail Price: $17.10.

Lucky Candy

Dried dates







Almond Cookies
look like traditional Chinese coins and therefore symbolize good fortune in the new year. This package of 24 Chinese-style almond cookies is made from a traditional recipe. Approximate Retail Price: $16.95.Almond Cookies

Happy Chinese New Year and Good Luck, Health, and Prosperity
to You and Your Family!


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