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I am thrilled to announce that my guest appearance on the Dr. Oz show aired this past Tuesday. I had the opportunity to be one of three ladies to try Dr. Oz’s new 3-Day Juice Cleanse Plan and speak about my experience in the episode called, “How to Make a Cleanse Work: What Everyone Gets Wrong.”

One of the many things I love about the his cleanse plan is that I can buy all the ingredient at the grocery store and make the recipes myself. As my friends and family know, I’m all for saving money when possible. In other words, unlike many other juice cleanse creators, Dr. Oz is not selling pre-packaged drinks. He is simply informing people how to do the cleanse themselves by making their own recipes, thereby cutting costs in half versus buying cleanses sold at retail. In fact, the Dr. Oz website lists the 3-Day Juice Cleanse Plan recipes and shopping list all for free.

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The title “Juice Cleanse” is a bit misleading as the recipes in the Plan included a lot more than juices (which were actually more like smoothies). The Plan also includes soups and solid snacks (i.e not drinks), and no meals are skipped. I could eat real food which therefore lasted longer in my stomach, and as a result I did not feel hungry or “hangry” — the new word I learned from the show (hungry + angry).

Since the Plan requires users make recipes from scratch, a few of the recipes may be a bit more time consuming regarding prep. However since the Plan only lasts 3 days, it’s doable as the commitment is not that long.

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As for the experience of appearing on national TV, this was my second time. Year ago my husband and I got a backyard makeover by HGTV shortly after we moved into our new house and when I was three months pregnant. The Dr. Oz Show experience was slightly different in that I was in a studio with a live audience. Overall it was an incredible experience to be a part of a show which I believe is doing positive things for viewers. It’s something I would surely love to do again!




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  1. You did great and you looked fantastic! What a fun experience. I actually caught part of this show and did not realize it was you!! I’m going to go check out his recipe ideas…looks so doable!

  2. Congratulations, this must have been a fun and exciting experience to be on Dr. Oz! I also like the idea of making your own recipes for the cleanse.
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