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Author Visits and Interviews Highlights – “It’s Chinese New Year, Curious George”

Author Visit Highlights Maria Wen Adcock

The book birthday of my debut book “It’s Chinese New Year, Curious George” took place on January 3rd. Happy 1 Year to my book! Last year I held a big launch party and did over 40 promotions to introduce my book to the world. Since this year was not a launch year, the number of events held was more manageable.

Chinese New Year takes place in January or February (depending on the Lunar calendar). As such, I have a lot of events packed in during these months. It’s the busiest time of year for me, but I’m grateful for the opportunities to do something I love.

Fun Fact: This year, I presented “It’s Chinese New Year, Curious George” to over 2,300 people in January and February!

Author Visits

I love reading “It’s Chinese New Year, Curious George” to children and teaching them about Chinese culture through my book. Author visits included schools, a library, and a Girl Scout Troop. I hope to expand the number of author visits each season as I grow my author career. Below are highlights from my author visits.

The video above is one of my favorites. My school author presentation is interactive which results in some great moments. In this video, a boy shows everyone his best monkey sounds since Curious George is a monkey. He was so expressive!

Below are a few school visit photos. I love the group picture ones though they’re the hardest to capture. Usually, classes need to be in and out of the assembly since they have set periods. But once in a while, I get a few gems.

author visits highlights group picture maria wen adcock
Photo Source: Maria Wen Adcock

It’s always fun to have action shots. Thank you to the school staff who so kindly took pictures during the assemblies and forwarded them to me!

Author Visit highlights Maria Wen Adcock at Barnum
Photo source: Maria Wen Adcock
Photo Source: Plainview-Old Bethpage School District

I held an event at the Huntington Public Library. The children worked on crafts after the book reading. The crafts were related to the traditions mentioned in my book. The kids had a lot of fun!

Huntington Public Library Curious George Maria Wen Adcock Highlights
Photo Source: Maria Wen Adcock

A local Girl Scout troop invited me to speak to its Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes. It was my first time presenting to this type of group. Curious George loved the Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouts Maria Wen Adcock Curious George Highlights
Photo Source: Maria Wen Adcock


I had a handful of interviews this year. Scroll through the highlights below, and click on the media name to be brought to the interview.

Canvas Rebel Magazine

Canvas Rebel Meet Maria Wen Adcock

Good Reads with Ronna

Good Reads with Ronna Maria Wen Adcock

Small Bites with Chef Katie Chin

Small Talk Baby Podcast

Bold Journey Magazine

Bold Journey Maria Wen Adcock

As a side note, I have an upcoming interview for a “Dynamic Book Duos” feature where I’ve been paired with fellow author Charlotte Cheng. We collaborated to produce an activity kit and informational post about our two books which include aspects of Chinese culture. This interview will be published in mid-April so stay tuned!

Book an Author Visit

Get kids curious about diversity and multiculturalism with Curious George! Using my book “It’s Chinese New Year, Curious George,” I provide an engaging and interactive assembly-style presentation to teach kids about Chinese culture.

Photo source: Maria Wen Adcock

I have presented to kids as young as 18 months old and up to 5th graders. I make sure to adjust my presentation based on age and grade level. The presentation is ideal for classrooms, libraries, and organizations like the Girl Scouts. To learn more about my in-person or virtual author visits and view photo gallery highlights, please see my Author Visits page HERE.

Get “It’s Chinese New Year, Curious George”

Find “It’s Chinese New Year, Curious George” at bookstores nationwide and online sites like Amazon.

Amazon It's Chinese New Year, Curious George

New Book Coming June 2025

My next picture book is called, “My Name is Ai Lin” via the publisher Sleeping Bear Press. This book speaks to the importance of names in Chinese culture. Names hold meanings that capture the hopes and dreams of parents and elders in addition to bonding families together.

The name Ai Lin in the title is my eldest daughter’s Chinese name. My youngest daughter’s Chinese name, Ai Mei, also makes an appearance in the story. I can’t wait for my second book to come out and hope you’ll read it when it’s released!

That’s it for this Chinese New Year author visits season. Eventually, I’ll also be doing author visits for “My Name is Ai Lin.” Since that book is not seasonal, I’ll be able to do author visits year-round. Thank you for reading about my highlights and following me on my author journey!

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