Asian American Experience: A Story About Fitting In and Self-Love

We all want to fit in. Growing up and figuring out who you are is hard enough. It’s even tougher when you look different and can’t blend in at school.

We lived in the Midwest. In elementary school, my siblings and I were the only Asian kids in our school. As we got older, a few more Asian families moved into town, but some were at other schools. As an awkward tween, I just wanted to fit in. I longed to look like the other girls in school with light, curly hair (names have been changed in the video).

I thought that changing my hair to look like others would change everything else in my life. But sometimes the physical can’t change what’s inside.

Credit: Every Family's Got One

I speak about this personal Asian American experience in the live stage production of Every Family’s Got One (a story, that is). In this show, nine storytellers share moments in their lives – some heartwarming, some cringe-worthy, and some hilarious.

In Every Family’s Got One, I share my coming of age story as an Asian American girl seeking her identity and realizing that self-love comes from within.

I introduce you to “The Perm.” Enjoy!

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